Sample your products with office staff across the country ― no matter where they work.

It's time for your brand to really get to know your audience and increase sales

Start Sampling Now

Offer exclusive rewards and redirect potential customers to your shop with a little help from Gathr.

Make a lasting impression on working professionals nationwide.

Finally, a simple and effective way to attract new consumers.

What’s in it for you?

Gathr is a low-cost, modern way to communicate with consumers — no matter where they are.

Reach new people without breaking a sweat

Easily promote your brand to thousands of employees.

Creatively engage with new consumers

Meet potential consumers where they are — whether it’s in the comfort of their home office, or at the office.

Save money and get the feedback you need

Effortlessly get valuable feedback, send out surveys and achieve your goals.

Here’s how it works

Every year, brands spend billions on product sampling. Gathr allows you to save money while interacting with consumers in a more personal and innovative way.

Brand Goal

Step 1 - Tell us about your marketing plans for the coming year! We speak your language. Let’s talk about your data KPIs, any new markets you want to explore, we want to hear it all!

Target Definition

Step 2 - Once we define your target profiles, our system will match you with the right offices from our network.

Sample Placement

Step 3 - Your samples will be placed in a Gathr Box and sent to employees all over the country.

Brand Engagement

Step 4 - Employees will engage with your brand through Gathr’s platform and provide you with valuable data.


Step 5 - We will send a full report with aggregated information related to your campaign.

Strategy Refinement

Step 6 - Rinse and repeat!

Let us handle it all

Increase revenue, cut marketing costs, recruit new consumers, collect first-party data, and avoid worrying about minor details like packaging and shipping.

A new way to promote your product and engage with potential consumers.

Gathr brings greater, more accurate ROI and aggregated data/consumer opinions to sampling campaigns by focusing on Workplaces as an activation venue.

Targeting & Scale

Brands can choose nationwide workplaces based on demographic & behavioral employee profiles and deliver not only a product sample but a new experience

Actionable insights

Through Gathr`s digital environment, brands will engage with consumers and get data/feedback in exchange for rewards


Direct sales conversion

Gathr provides trial, engagement, rewards (coupon), and the opportunity to buy the product in ONE platform.

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